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Family and Consumer Science FACS

6th Grade

Beginning Family & Consumer Science (Home Ec.)
This course is an exploration of life skills. Topics covered will include safety, food preparation and nutrition, basic sewing, childcare, relationships, and general home cleaning. Students will be asked to provide their own sewing supplies. The course will be delivered primarily through projects and hands-on activities.  

7th Grade

Intermediate Family & Consumer Sciences
An in-depth approach to personal management skills is emphasized in this course. It is designed to aid the student in the development and application of practical skills. The topics of study include: personal development and relationships, child development, foods and nutrition. Students will be asked to furnish some supplies. 

8th Grade

Advanced Family & Consumer Sciences (Home Ec)
This course includes the following areas of study: nutrition & wellness, food preparation, meal management, consumerism, sewing & fabric care, childcare, building positive relationships and careers. Technology will be integrated into the course through a teen topic unit and an International cooking unit. Problem solving and application of academic skills will be emphasized. Students will be asked to furnish some supplies.