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Music Exploration and Drama Theater ARts

6th Grade

Drama/Theater Arts
This course is designed to introduce you to the theatre. We will cover topics such as: etiquette, Shakespeare,
pantomime, and many others. We will also play games, watch live performances and hopefully get rid of some of the
stage fright!!

Music Exploration
This course is designed to introduce you to all forms of Western Art Music. We will learn music elements and how these
elements helped to create and shape over two thousand years of music history. Topics include: elements of music
(melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, etc.), music analysis, and all periods of music beginning with early music and
culminating in the 20th century.  

7th Grade

Music Exploration (History of American Music)
This course will guide you from the turn of the 20th century through modern times exploring music in America. Topics
discussed include: Jazz, Be-bop, Country and Western, sound tracks, the Beatles, Queen, and so many more. This course
also takes a look at what has been shaping music throughout the 100+ years of music history. 

7th  and 8th Grade

Intro to Guitar
This course will introduce you to all aspects of learning the guitar. You will learn to: tune your guitar, read tablature, play
cool ‘riffs’, strumming patterns, scales, and so much more.

Drama/Theater Arts
This course will introduce you to the world of theatre. You will learn all aspects of what and where drama comes from,
technical aspects of putting on a show, rules for how to act and use the stage and its components, and many other topics.
This semester-long class will also be filled with acting games, script reading and even some puppets!