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Gifted and Talented/Gifted Magnet Program


Gifted and Talented

Gifted Student's Bill of Right

Students have a right...

  • to know about your giftedness
  • to learn something new every day
  • to be passionate about your talent area without apologies
  • to have an identity beyond your talent area
  • to feel good about your accomplishments
  • to make mistakes
  • to seek guidance in the development of your talent
  • to have multiple peer groups and a variety of friends
  • to choose which of your talent area you wish to pursue
  • not to be gifted at everything.

---Del Siegle 2007-2009 NAGC President

Holmes has a strong GT student population of gifted students in a variety of areas and class diversification makes students successful in their giftedness. Classes meet their level, from grade level to accelerated.

As the Gifted Resource Teacher, I work with student, parent and teacher nominations to review students and test for their talent.

Students can look at talent in academics and their more artistic side when coming forward for identification consideration. Holmes has a multitude of Exploratory classes and Extracurricular clubs and Sports to help build abilities as well as community.

Collectively, teachers work earnestly to challenge all students to grow to their potential and beyond.

    Karen Kelling



Gifted Magnet Program

An integrated, cross-curricular gifted and talented magnet program for grades 6-8 in core academic subjects provides:

  • Choice offerings for the most advanced learners
  • Best practices in gifted education
  • Opportunities for creative work
  • Tailored education for high-end learners who need a special challenging curriculum

School within a school model

Students ‘loop’ with teachers from grade to grade, creating an environment of trust and common expectations from year to year.

Integrated lessons dealing with the social and emotional development of gifted middle school students 

  • Excellent preparation for  all high school programs including IB, Honors, CU Succeed, and Advanced Placement classes

A place where students enjoy learning with their intellectual peers while focusing on exceeding Common Core and Colorado State Standards.

  • Aligned curriculum exceeds state common core content standards in depth & complexity
  • Rigorous program with high expectations for quality work
  • Options for content acceleration and differentiation in core classes
  • Research-based teaching strategies and best practices

Authentic projects – students produce real projects for real audiences

Tanya Ehlinger
    Tanya Ehlinger